Friday, July 17, 2009

Diligently gettting myself pissed

One more day and my stint at being a full-time working mother is over. I have one more full day of work tomorrow, four classes in a row in the morning, then I have a load of paperwork to catch up on, and one more class in the afternoon. Then I can RELAX.

So you may be wondering why I am getting myself diligently pissed tonight, and not getting an early night and letting loose tomorrow evening, but I have a good reason, though it's a bit of a long and involved story, so hang in there.

I'm heading off at 10pm to the radio station to record an announcement. It's not for the radio (although I did already do that, and can be heard between 7 and 8 am saying 'Morning Liner'. Amy and Lena are also on, Amy says 'aroma cafe' and giggles at lunchtime, and Lena says 'Noas FM Sound Spray' around 9am). It's for my husband's Sex Pistols cover band, a recorded announcement to introduce the band, done in the style of a famous Boxing announcer.

One of the running jokes of this not-at-all-taken-seriously band is that the members are all named after wrestling or boxing moves, eg Chop Rotten instead of Johnny Rotten and Suplex Jones instead of Steve Jones. I can't remember the rest because Chop, the band leader, keeps changing their names! So, in the spirit of this small piece of their schtick, they want the band's name announced like a boxer before a match.

Japan's 'Pride' boxing competition has this crazy foreign woman announcer who rrrrrrrolllls her r's and screeches the names in a manner that sounds very kakkoii (coool), although no-body seems to know what she is actually saying, as her announcements require a prior announcement in proper Japanese-English. She's quite unique, and very distinctive thus...

... the lashings of beer and the final half of that bottle of chardy I started a few weeks ago - because there's no way in hell I can imitate this woman without LOTS of liquid courage.

The things I do for my husband!

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illahee said...

sounds like fun, though!