Thursday, August 06, 2009

Baby Words

Bedtime - Dorothy (do-shi) or dinosaur (di-sho), for her Dorothy the Dinosaur pillow. Anpanman and Fish stuffed toys (mamman and bish).
"Up!" when she wants me to get up. Then she finds my glasses for me and tries to put them on my face. "down!". She's finally realized there are two directions.

Food: spoon (boon). water (ooo-da). milk (mook). cookie. cheese. fish (bish). For rice she just points to the rice cooker, but Lena reckons she says 'rice'(waith). For food in general she gets a plate out of the cupboard and brings it to me. Oishii (Japanese for yum) also English Yum, while patting her tummy (baby sign). apple (apo). peach (beach). Ice cream (aishing).

Amy! (for both girls, she can't get her tongue around Lena, sometimes she comes out with nana, but usually Amy means both of them). Papa/baba/Dada. Guess who? Mama - she's finally saying this in addition to MUM!

dance. Stop! (dop!) happy (apiiii). ohayo (Japanese for good morning) bye bye. Hi/hai. Hot/atsui (ots). I Sad (with baby sign tears on face). My/Mine. Jump. No. Look (ook). Up. Down. Huggle. oukai! (mix of English Okay and Japanese Oshimai meaning finished) said with hands clasped together when she finishes eating. I jis. whatdis. mo ii kai/mo ii yo (oo-iika - oo a you). Where are you (wea-a-you). gone. Where did it go (Wea-go?). What is it? Pretty. Look! (ook). Cheers! inai inai Bah! (Japanese Peek-a-Boo). I love you (I uuu). stuck (duck)

shoes. Book. Hat (at). Rain (wain). Car. Baby (for real ones, herself in photos, or the dolls). nenne (sleep in japanese). bubble. bath. Tree (chwee). Flower (fawa). pyjamas (ba-ja). duck. kitty (kikki). oni (Japanese demon troll). Stitch (tiddi). Mickey. walk (oook). jump (dum). ombo (Japanese piggy-back). ear. pony. nose (only she calls it 'fawa' or flower, I think more because of our baby sign for flower, than the fact that the two words are the same in Japanese (hana))

wee wee. poo poo. atchoo. ouch. ow.

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marianne said...

God that is CUTE!!!! And mostly all in English...hee hee;)