Thursday, August 13, 2009


Photos from the day we went to Riverwalk in Kokura to see Harry Potter...and the next day when we went again as it was sold out the first day.

The girls enjoying a wonderful fountain in the centre of Riverwalk, with arcs of water diving from the outer ring of a circle into the centre, in constantly changing heights, making walking under them a challenge with the constant threat of getting wet! This display alternated with random squirts of water that soaked several unsuspecting kids. (As we were two hours from home, ours were under strict order NOT to get wet!)

The second day we happened upon a festival drama in another of Riverwalk's courtyards, where we just happened to bump into Kuri and the Pinglet (see if you can spot them). Below, a fire-juggling ninja. The juggling was impressive, but he's really on here for the arms:

Finally, skipping down the luxe corridor to the theater:


Lulu said...

Oh those water fountain things look fun- although without a change of clothes a bit of pain I am sure! Did any of the girls get wet??

Lovely photos- especially the one of Erica looking at the water from side on inspecting it. Very cute!

Rachel said...

No, they didn't get wet, they coordinated it quite nicely. Lena was begging to be allowed to get wet, but we just didn't have any clothes for the elder two to change into. Erica had spare clothes, so she could have got wet, but she managed to stay dry too! One day we'll go there with spare clothes and have some real fun!