Monday, August 10, 2009

Goodnight Mum

Erica just seems to have started to talk in the last few days. I know I posted a list a few days ago of random words, and I'm updating it for at least a week with every little thing she says, but she's adding words so much, and Amy and Lena are responsible for many of them, including 'pony' yesterday in the car!

She can say Lena's name finally, after months of calling her Amy! I think she knew the difference, but just couldn't get her tongue around 'Lena' so settled for the nearest thing. Now she says 'nn-nya' with her tongue poking out, which is so cute!

Amy took out a wooden hammer and block toy today, and swears Erica asked very nicely to play with it, not with the right words, but with babble in just the right tone, with her hand held out, and 'please' (peezh) on the end.

Bedtime tonight:
Erica: 'water' (oo-da) while showing me her water bottle (thanks illahee for the rubber seals or our bed would be soaked on a nighly basis!).
Me:'oh, is that your water'
Me:'Is your water really oishii (yummy)' (bit of language mixing going on there, naughty naughty, but experience has shown that that matters not one little bit).

Erica:'Mum! Amy, Lena' and another word similar, that I guessed was 'goodnight'.
No answer
Erica:Amy Amy Amy!
Me: hey, she's saying goodnight to you
Amy and Lena: Goodnight Erica
Erica: I love you (I uuu)
No answer
Erica: I UUUU!
Me: Hey, Erica's saying she loves you
Amy and Lena: I love you too Erica!

Erica happily settles on the pillow

Then she sat up all of a sudden and said 'Daddy! Where Daddy?' 'Where Papa' (just in case I didn't get the message I suppose). I said Daddy had gone to work, time to go to sleep now.

And one more thing! She picked up her book to read. It's called Stomp, about a dinosaur who escapes his Mum and goes thumping creatures in the jungle. About the only word in it is 'stomp', which Erica was saying (dom! dom!) as she turned the pages. Then she 'read' the last two pages: 'Oh no!' (Oh My in the book, when Mum dinosaur catches up to the little one) and 'bye bye' (little dinosaur walking off with his Mum).


Lulu said...


Just so cute. Must be amazing that she is talking and communicating more and more.

Had to laugh that she called Lena, Amy up until now. haha.

My brother had lots of issues with my name to due to the L`s and R`s. I got "Wara" and "Ruuu" until he was about 4!

illahee said...

so cute!! tommy says 'oishii', too. and now, when he goes to bed he says 'ight sasha hiro.' and will repeat it loudly until they reply, 'goodnight, tommy!' adorable!!

Rachel said...

sounds like what our bedtime's going to become illahee! Like the Waltons. Do you remember the Waltons? Good night Mary Jane, Goodnight Jimbob, Goodnight Johnboy

anchan said...

How adorable! I love this age, when they're just learning to communicate with language. M is saying more and more, but only uses the last sylabol (sp?!) of each word so it takes a bit of working out! 'ku' is 'drink', 'to' is 'arigato', etc.