Saturday, January 02, 2010

Lucky Bags

Short-sleeve top: 2520. Jeans: 3,045. Skirt: 2520. Jacket: 4095. Long sleeve: 2.520. Total: 5000. Yes, that doesn't add up. That's a Lucky Bag!! Plus it came in a cloth bag that I will be able to use again.

Mine. I very rarely get one, they don't usually have one in my size, and the usually have a jacket, and I don't want a new jacket every year. This one was from Youme Town, I think it was 5000, for six pieces, jacket, long-sleeve top, sweater, floral top, check shirt and tights.

This jewellery and hair accessories one was 1000 - pretty good considering the clips sell for 3-500 each, and the necklaces for 5-700. This was a genuine Lucky Dip - no peeping! But with four girls in the house, everything was bound to be claimed by someone!

1000 yen again. Amy and Lena got the tissue case and hair band, I needed the new cosmetics cases.

5000 yen for Amy and Lena's ones, including jeans, a lap blanket, jacket, plus a top and another hooded jacket and skirt.

We also got bedding sest - pillow, blanket, lap rug and duvet cover for 5000, Lilo and Stitch for Erica (she now LOVES her Stitch pillow) and Relakkuma for Lena.

A lot of people don't like Lucky Bags because, well, you don't get to choose what's in them. But I found that nearly all the bags this year are very clearly labeled, and they are so much cheaper than the rest of the year that is was worth getting one item or even two you didn't like all that much, just to get the good deal.

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