Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year

At the top, the mochi (pounded rice cakes) and citrus New Year decoration on the zashiki (formal room) tokonoma (alcove). Above, the osechi (New Year food) box and special occasion sake jug and sake-drinking saucers. Below, Amy has a sip. Not even a sip, it just touched their lips! This is the first thing we do on New Year morning, celebrate with a mouthful of sake!

Do I really have to drink this? Lena just touches a drop to her lip.

OZONI! Yummy soup with cabbage, spring onion and big fat mochi.

On Jan 2 we had sukiyaki for breakfast (below)! After all these years, and Baachan still thinks we eat meat all day long and can't eat anything else. Actually she really loves meat, I think she uses us as an excuse...but I felt sick at the thought of eating this so early, and told her that while we'd eat it anyway, we really don't like meat that much, and only eat it once a week or so!

Erica in her new cat outfit, playing in Jiichan's study

Jiichan cutting up the HUGE mochi. There were two in that box next to him.

Left, the snowman the girls made on chilly New Year's Eve. Right, Amy under the kotatsu, THE place to be on a cold winter night

Lena under the kotatsu too, and Erica went to sleep under it. She must be Japanese.

Gratuitous shot of cute bedhead. Right, getting home again plus New Year Lucky bags!

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