Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kanji's Birthday Party

I don't know why he doesn't get sick of the same thing every year, but he loves it! I think he's started to really look forward to our little ritual. This year his band changed from the Nakatsu Sex Pistols Metabolic Syndrome to Bug Spray. The above is my rendition of a bug spray can in chocolate cake and chocolate icing, with FU MA KI RA ZU (Fuma Kirazu/killers or Bug Spray) in licorice.

The Birthday Boy and his little treasure our Amaembo princess Erica

Lena eating her curry, with the bread and cheese platter (to keep Mum happy).

Amy and the sashimi


A clearer look at the bug spray


Vicky said...

I LOVE the bugs, all dead on their backs!!


Happy birthday Kanji - you lucky man, surrounded by not one but four princesses.

Vicky said...

Forgot to add, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Love from us all to you all.

Vicky x

Anonymous said...

My New Year's dream was that you came to Takamatsu and didn't look me up! I met you by chance in the street! I know you might be going to Hokkaido in a few weeks, let me know if you plan on being in Shikoku any time soon!! :-)

Tia K. said...

That post was from me! Tia. It got sent before I could sign my name!

Rachel said...

Happy New Year Vicky!! from all the princesses.

Tia, you're mad, OF COURSE I would visit you. In fact I don't really travel around the country unless it's for an AFWJ event of some sort so I doubt I would even be there if it wasn't to visit you!

anchan said...

Hahaha, the bugs are a brilliant touch!

Claire said...

Great cake! I could do with some inspiration for Toma's cake..