Thursday, December 24, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

Our real Christmas Tree - well not quite real, the tip of a forestry cedar. I'm thrilled to get anything real though, and extra happy this year, because we read The Fir Tree, by Hans Christian Andersen, which made Lena BAWL her eyes out with pity for the poor tree. So I was able to tell her this isn't a whole tree whose life was cut short, it's the top of a whole tree, and the rest of it is 'probably' still standing in that forest in the middle of the island of Kyushu where it came from. And even if it isn't, don't you think this tip would be so much happier to come to us and be our beautiful Christmas Tree instead of just sitting on the floor in the forest?

Above is the tree all green, below it's started to brown, so we attacked it with canned snow. I might have to research how to keep trees alive, or get it a bit later so it's still green at Christmas time.

Other things to do with fake snow, when you don't get enough of the real stuff:

Left, our entrance hall. In front is the ponsettia Kanji won in a bingo game at his monthly drinking club party. Behind is the little fake tree, this tree gets a matched selection of ornaments and red trimming, while all the hand-made, specially bought, received-as-gifts, historical and totally random ornaments go on the big real tree. On the cabinet is our Advent Calendar/Tree, you take a tiny ornament out of a cupboard for each day of December. Next to it is a My Little Pony advent calendar we also had this year. On the right, a little glass nativity set I picked up at a flea market years ago, and a Christmas village I got off a friend returning to Canada last year.

Left, a few weeks into December and the Santas are guarding an increasing pile of PRESENTS!!! Finally a little fairy who discovered the chocolate cake cooling on a rack in the kitchen.

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