Friday, December 04, 2009

This Week's Menus

Just a totally random 'What we ate this week' thing. For future reference, or inspiration. I'd love to see other people's menus too, to give me inspiration!

Monday - nabe. Because we had nabe last Thursday only I had just had a horrendous dental treatment and couldn't enjoy it!

Tuesday - chicken and moyashi stir-fry, mashed sweet potato, the rest of the frozen cauliflower and broccoli that won't fit in the freezer in anymore since I put the turkey in there, with cheese sauce, rice and miso soup that no-one ate because there was too much vegetables in it and it looked gross. Even I thought so.

Wednesday - quiche. With all the leftover veg from last night! Such a simple menu after the night before.

Thursday - Amy's 'choose' day and she chose shio saba (salted grilled mackerel). Kanji cooked. He did the fish, tuna sashimi, miso soup (edible this time) and a cabbage stir fry.

Friday - oden. Seemed like an easy option for busy/relaxed Friday. Kanji cooked again. I think he quite likes going shopping and doing the cooking on my work days. I'm not complaining! Even Erica's learned to aim her 'oishii' at him, not me!


anchan said...

How nice to have someone cook for you! If I ever find myself working outside the home, I think it's pretty much guaranteed that it'll still be me doing the cooking when I get home! What did we eat this week?

Monday - Beef/vegetable and sesame stirfry, coleslaw salad
Tuesday - Maguro sukimi don and tofu steaks/salad
Wednesday - gyoza and Chinese nabe
Thursday - salmon topped with miso sauce, stirfried cabbage, steamed kabocha/hijiki/chikuwa
Friday - lots of veggies tonjiru, corn croquettes/onion rings, hakusai salad

Rachel said...

Thanks for the menu, that's a nice simple healthy menu! Might try that next week.

What do you put with your hakusai salad?

anchan said...

I boiled the hakusai, drained and squeezed it, mixed in some chopped green shiso leaf, drizzled over a little ponzu and topped with some katsuoboshi. xxx

Lulu said...

Our menu for next week-

Mon (Sarah & Sakura will be staying the night)- Lemon cream chicken bowtie pasta. Probably a salad too!

Tue- Buritos with mince, cheese, salad

Wed- Chinese beef, asparagus and leek oyster sauce stirfry. Probably eat with spinach and ponzu.

Thur- Fish parcels (White fish topped with any veggies I can find- usually mushrooms, capsicum, snow peas, beans, onion, garlic root) wrapped in foil with soy sauce, honey, lemon juice and garlic sauce to steam them in the oven. Not sure what we will eat with this yet. Maybe just a side of moyashi with soy sauce and goma abura.

Fri- Steak (present from MIL), salad and stuffed potatoes

Sat- Am hoping baby has arrived by then and won`t have to cook! Or will make HUB go buy something.

As you can see I am not very big on doing much Japanese cooking. I wish we had a nabe set though- I love nabe!

Rachel said...

Thanks Lulu YUM! I hope you get to eat your steak...and I hope you don't!!

We don't have a 'nabe set', not even sure what that is. We cook it in a pot on the stove, no bought base, we just cook up chicken or fish, then put the pot on pot stand on the table, and dip it in soy sauce and squeezed kabocha - no bought sauce.