Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sweet Treats for Christmas

Mince pies glistening on a mikimoto pearl plate. I ate the last one on the 30th.

The cookies I sent to NZ, including tricolor coconut ice, 'Christmas Trees' with white chocolate 'snow' (turned into weird-shaped lumps I'm afraid!), and bourbon-chilli truffles, which my sister heartily declared to be the worst thing she'd ever tasted! Oh well, I'll eat them ALL next year, I love chilli chocolate. And some marbles (pebbles, smarties) for the kids.

Cookies for the cookie exchange I did with a few friends. Afghans, 'no-bowl' slice, chocolate fudge, peppermints and my favorite, walnut balls.
The spread for a party we had on the 23rd. Clockwise from top left: mince pies, ginger thins, chex mix (from a cookie exchange partner), chewy fruit cookies and sugar cookies (from cookie exchange), peppermints, walnut balls and coconut ice, bourbon chilli balls, failed coconut ice that made a not-half-bad biscuit, and the Christmas cake in the centre.

Traditional Christmas treats.

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