Friday, December 25, 2009


Santa got quite a fancy treat this year! Chocolate milk, TWO cookies and a peppermint! He must have been hungry cos he left only one gingerbread man leg and a button (or was it an eye?)

Christmas Morning. I could hear the presents rustling in the sack well before dawn, and soon after heard the tiny peep - can we wake up yet? Lena models her new fluffy blanket. She said this was her favorite gift! It has buttons so you can wear it as a shrug or a wrap, or use it as a knee rug (young women in Japan often take fluffy character knee rugs to work or school to throw over their legs while they sit, it's definitely not an old-lady thing to do here!). They also like to wrap it around their pillow. Erica slept through the chaos. Amy in her fleece nightie, fluffy wrap and matching Care Bear.

Breakfast was choco-crispies (cocopops), here are three of them tucking in, while Lena preferred to draw on her new ice-cream shaped pad with her new mechanical pencils.

Lunch was our traditional Christmas breakfast, ham and eggs. Usually I do this for breakfast, then a big roast late lunch, with leftovers or dessert for supper. This year I decided to have guests over in the evening, so we could have Christmas Day to ourselves and give me more time to stuff the turkey and whip the cream. So I shifted the ham and eggs to lunch and made it special with a Christmas table setting.

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