Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Still Alive!

Yeah, but only just.

LOTS of work to do! Tests to mark, lessons to teach, essays to check, and then housework, oh and those three little humans who live in this house keep bugging me to get them food and stuff like that.

BIG messy human at least gets his own food, or doesn't eat at all (he's on a diet, wants to be appropriately punk-skinny for the Nakatsu Sex Pistols gig in two weeks).

AFWJ Journal in the can, so I can now resurface, bathe the children, and use other areas of my house apart from a path kicked through the mess from the teapot to the computer.

Off to visit Ming-Ping today! Sadly may have to miss Pinglet as I have to get back to work. Will also miss Sara and crew tomorrow too.

Erica's birthday party this weekend! So, lots to do for that, and it should be fun! Her actual birthday is on Monday, and me and her father will take her shopping for her present - she's going to love it!

After that I have tests to mark, probably more essays to check, a college semester to plan, and then I can start planning our trip to Hong Kong/Auckland/Rotorua/New Plymouth/Hawera/Opunake!

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