Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anpanman Tricycle!

Watch out world, here comes Erica!

Two wheels, three wheels and four. Lena's not actually all that fond of the skateboard, but she won't be getting a bike until she's in 4th grade, so she has to make do for now.

Left: posing as usual! Right: No, Erica, this is NOT how you steer your new tricycle...

Big sister style

Left: Crash! Right: Lena prefers the mum-power method of getting around

With the neighbor, Kiara-chan on her Kitty trike. She's a few months younger than Erica, but way faster as she's had her trike for longer.


umebossy said...

Very swish! I'm sure she'll be zooming all over the place before long. Looks like she had a lovely fun birthday party - what a spread you put on! I love looking at the pics of your girls - you have a beautiful family :)

Rachel said...

Thanks! I like taking photos of them - don't encourage me ;-). but this blog is kind of my photo album + letter home, so I guess that means lots of photos!