Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grrrr.... computers!

If I had just sat down and written the test myself, I would have finished hours ago. But I decided it would be easier to use the fancy 'test generator' on the special CD I got with the Teacher's Text.

I have four computers, none of which is perfect, which is why I still have them all. Just in case.

Computer No. 1: No go. My main machine, dual language system, internet home. The CD drive won't even open.

Computer No. 2: The AFWJ Journal Editor computer. Nope. Wrong system - it's a Mac, and the CD only works with Windows. Grrr. Who makes software for just Windows anymore! Madness!

Computer No. 3: The old one. I keep it around because I still haven't got around to getting everything off it that I want, and besides, Amy often uses it to practice drawing or writing. It crashes a lot. I managed to get it out of DOS and get Windows running this time by pressing F1 and F2 at the same time. I got the CD loaded, selected the test I want, saved it to the desktop then went to print.


Neither of my current printers are installed. I can't connect to the internet because this computer is a free copy of Windows that I 'borrowed' off a friend when I was desperate for an English OS, and just before I disconnected it I was getting suspicious messages from Microsoft asking me to verify my Windows, so I am afraid that if I connect again, it'll crash for good. So I hunted high and low for a installation CD, and voila! I actually found one. But no, even with the CD it looks like you have to connect to the internet anyway. 'looks like' I say, because with the OS in English and the CD in Japanese, all I got was window after window full of questions marks.

Took a break and went to work to rest after that fail.

Compter No. 4: the clunky old laptop, which I got the English OS to replace, as I felt it was on the verge of meltdown. Computing tip: if you ever feel your computer is going to crash for good some time soon, simply fork out some cash for a replacement - it practically guarantees the dinosaur will stay alive forever. The dinosaur is incredibly, phenomenally slow-moving. You have to go away, make a cup of tea, and read a magazine (cover to cover) after clicking anything while it thinks about what to do next. So it took me the better part of the afternoon, in-between fiddling with photos on another computer and checking email on a third, before I managed to actually install the printer. Then I slipped in the Text CD and wow! Success! I got the test and saved it. I have now pressed the 'print' button and am patiently waiting for the computer to realize it has a job to do and send the info to the printer. Which may be some time in the middle of next week.

2/22 Edited to add: It did not take quite until the middle of next week - it finally printed Saturday afternoon

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