Friday, October 07, 2011

Farewell Queen, Welcome Esther

I received mail yesterday informing me that my sponsor child had left the area with her family, and was now no longer part of the program. I knew it was coming - I've sponsored Queen since 2002 when she was in her early teens, and only last year agreed to continue the sponsorship beyond the usual cut-off date of her 18th birthday, so she could continue in school. Still, it's sad to say 'goodbye'.

So they sent me information about another girl in a another village in Zambia, and how can you say No?? So Welcome to the family Esther!


Gaijin Wife said...

That's great. Who do you do it through?

Rachel said...

Through Child Fund, which used to be CCF (Christian Children's Foundation). Just go the website and pick a child! I specifically wanted a child in Africa, because I got the idea after reading about AIDS orphans in Africa, but then I just took the first one who popped up, it felt weird 'choosing'!

It costs less than 4000 yen a month, which is about 4 bottles of sav from Wassy's, so well worth it!

The money goes to community projects rather than to the family, so it's not just a handout, but helps the whole community progress with better health care and education. However, you can also add in cash gifts that go directly to your child - it always amazed me that my 1000yen gift, which I can imagine my kids spending on stupid pink fluffy toys, was spent by Queen on bags of meal to feed the whole family! Then you write them letters - you can't send gifts, unless they can fit in an envelope so I used to send stickers and stuff from the 100yen shop.

222 said...

Wow. This is inspiring, as is your blog, a rarity out there, well-written and humorous, whatever the topic. It gives me hope. At least your kids will hopefully carry the flame of decent literacy skills.