Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Another Busy Day, yeah we've heard that before...

Summer holidays, you know how it is!

Thursday 19th July, summer hols begin with a BANG - lightning strikes the house, taking out the TV, DVD players, piano and computer. An interesting summer on the cards...

Friday 20th July, I work as usual, but the holidays begin for real for the kids. They drag home a tonne of homework, and I am pleased that they are old enough now that I don't even have to look at it, let alone decipher it and direct it. They do it themselves!

Saturday 21st July, a frustrating day spent trying to get back online after the NTT man came with a new modem the day before - and utterly failing, with either of the functioning computers! Hello wine bottle, my friend.

Sunday, 22nd July, I have no idea what I did this day, judging by the wine consumption the night before, probably not very much!

Monday, 23rd July, Amy's modeling debut (post to come).

Tuesday, 24th July, work again, a funny divination class, my new occupation?

Wednesday, 25th July, modeling again!!! This time back at Mr. Wada's studio.

Thursday, 26th July, karate and Giongurumas out already! Let the fun begin!

Friday, 27th July, BEACH - we went snorkeling at Nagasakibana in Kakaji-machi

Saturday, 28th July, Kristin and co. over for the night, lots of yukatas, ice cream, pool, Gion, wine and conversation

Sunday, 29th July, GION party, a quiet one this year!

Monday, 30th July, back at Wada's for more photos

Tuesday, 31st July, pool day! We went to Kampo no Sato.

So, THAT was July!


gaijinwife said...

phew, and now its August and more of the same kind of sameness but in a different disguise. See you next Saturday for BBQ and wine.

Rachel said...

yeah, and they call it a holiday? NOT!!! Will trawl all six Yokoyamas between you and me to find more Villa Marias!

thefukases said...

wow..... and I thought I was the only one for whom 'summer holiday' is a misnomer! Sounds like you guys are having a ball though!