Saturday, August 04, 2012

From fabulous to frazzled, with a fire at the end

Today was supposed to be fabulous, with the piano and new computer arriving. I was going to get a blog written and my work done first thing in the morning, I'd be all good and do it before I opened the box even if it came early, and then I'd have the rest of the day to set it up, and I'd spend the afternoon catching up on Olympic videos online...

Instead I ended up frazzled and frustrated by anything electronic or technical, despite the new blender (aka mikusa in Japan) arriving also, meaning I actually had three new toys today! First, neither of my two printers cooperated with me in getting the paper I was proofreading printed - one's out of ink, the other seems to have a dud USB cord. So while I was fiddling with that, I turned the computer a bit to see the USB port and CLUNK the internet cord got pulled too and knocked off the smoke detector onto my head. Picking up the pieces, I noticed the battery was gone, and commented to Kanji, who just said Hmm. Suffice it to say that him getting annoyed that I got pissed off that all he had to say to me after my techno failure+headouch+battery emergency was Hmm, actually upset me more than him only saying Hmm.

So I didn't get my work done until after lunch, but still the technology wouldn't cooperate with me! Word on my old dungary laptop is in Japanese, and while I found where the 'track changes' function was, it just wouldn't work!! So I tried other computer, where Word is in English, but I had to transfer the files manually because it doesn't connect to the internet. Then the USB stick wouldn't work. I finally got it over there on a flippin CD, and have been WALKING between computers with a CD in my hand to get my work done!

Finally time to open the shiny fabulous new iMac! Very big, very pretty, and of course I'm very happy with it, but.... I figured my chances of getting Wifi connected today were minimal, and only unboxed the router so I could tick the 'Well I tried' box. I did try plugging the modem cord into the Mac too, but that didn't work either. I managed to hack my neighbor's Wifi, but the connection is too slow, then I got an error message - you can't watch this in your country. Bastards. I am so SICK of things just NOT WORKING!!! GRRRR!!

And then the goddam piano saga... I made a big mistake last night when I bought it, and okayed a delivery time of 4-7 - just the exact hours I would be out at the kids' campfire event at their camp. So I turned up at the store at 4pm in the van, thinking I might pick it up if it hadn't already gone.. I was getting really agitated because I needed to be at the campfire, but they kept saying 'chotto matte kudasai'. Wait while I see where it is, wait while I get it... wait while I call someone to see if it can be delivered tonight or in the morning (had to press for that one, instead vague statements about them maybe being busy). Wait while I get someone to help you get it in the van. I shouldn't complain, they did a good job of securing it in the van, it's still there now, waiting until Kanji gets home for us to get it inside. As long as it's all set up by the time the girls get home tomorrow!

But wait, there's more! The small tape deck/radio I bought does not work. And I lost the receipt during clean up for the party. And I tried the MD player on our stereo and that doesn't work either! So no books on tape and no books on MD either. I'm almost afraid to use the new blender! What more can go wrong?

Oh... yeah, the wind blew a photo off the windowsill in the kitchen and smashed the glass and I got a bit in my foot. Okay my house hates me.

And the fire at the end? The campfire, which was great. They fed us parents this year, and we sat around and watched their performances. Each team had a nation theme. The girls totally won!!! The three female teachers had NZ, South Africa and the UK. They did a haka, Shakira's world cup song and the Spice Girls. Jacob was also amazing with a self-written song about Australia. Ken and Kevin, come on!!! Step up!

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