Friday, January 25, 2013

A sampler of Yo-yoing

I spend quite a lot of time in my car, which is why it ends up looking so, ahem... lived in! But Wednesday really took the cake. If you've ever wondered what they meant by soccer mom, this is it. And there isn't even any soccer!

1. to the convenience store to buy cat food,
2. and home again.
3. to kindy to drop off Erica
4. kindy to the supermarket to get food for dinner
5. supermarket to courier to mail a package
6. courier to Gooday to get more cat food and kitty litter
7. Gooday to home
(8. walk from home to post office
9. and back home again.)
10. home to work
11. work to kindy to pick up Erica
12. kindy to store to buy Erica a clown nose
13. store to home
14. home to pool to drop off Erica for her lesson
15. pool to home to cook dinner
16. home to pool to pick up Erica
17. pool to home, cursing why I forgot to make Amy and Lena come with me because...
18. home to dermatologist for Amy
19. and home again!

All of which made Thursday seem like a wee holiday:

1. home to kindy No.1 to drop off Erica
2. Kindy to work
3. work to home to get package and money
4. home to kindy to pick up Erica
5. Kindy No.1 to kindy No.2 to drop off Erica for the afternoon session
6. kindy to courier to deliver another package
7. courier to home
(8. walk to school for observation day
9. and home again, with Amy)
10. to Baachan and Jiichan's to pick up Erica
11. and home again
12. to karate
13. and home again.

And today, well! I might as well lay back on the beach sipping my Pina Colada!

1. home combini for kid food
2. and home again
3. home to kindy to drop off Erica
4. kindy to Cosmos for supplies
5. and home again
6. home to work
7. work to supermarket for dinner things
8. supermarket to home and then I stayed there!!

Do you see why never leaving the house is such a GOAL for me, one that I am inordinately proud of when I can pull it off. With any luck, tomorrow I will 'only' go to the Vet, the supermarket and Baachan's for a visit.


shinshu life said...

oh wow...... lucky you get cheap petrol (you do right?)

how does your car cope? I do half that driving and my car is a lone glove, lost pencil, senbei wrapper, and grotty sock depository. :(

Unknown said...

I know that feeling. Sometimes I drive over the same part of road six times a day..... I can usually tell how far I have been driving by my weight gain - I tend to snack to pass the time away!

Rachel said...

Heather, that's exactly what I mean by 'lived in'! In my case it's coffee cans, Erica's drawings, random clothing, and in the back, the huge pile of maps from the old car that I have to sort through some time!

Jo, yabai!!! I don't snack in the car, thankfully, though I do plenty of that at home! My vice is reading articles on the phone at the red lights. Sometimes I take the route with the most lights if it's something particularly interesting!