Saturday, January 26, 2013


I feeling annoyed at feeling blah, just blah enough to feel down and tired and not really wanting to do anything, but not bad enough to be able to call myself sick. Dammit body, just throw a fever and be done with it! Over in a few days! Then I could call it for what it is, and spend the day in bed popping pills, sipping water and trying to sleep it off. Instead, I get to feel unspecifically grotty for a week. Not quite a headache... nearly sinusitis... twinges of earache.... possible flu-like muscle fatigue... but nothing.

I was moving so slow.... up at 10, breakfast at 11, it took until 2pm to get the rooms cleaned, then lunch and I got a wee rest before the day's chores: to the vet to immunize the kittens, kids to the library, and shopping at three stores for me, for a chicken dinner, cleaning supplies and cat supplies.

Dinner... dessert... TV.... and only here now to write to cancel tomorrow's lunch with AFWJ friends in Kurume. Would love to go, but really don't feel up to the ride. I might stay home and sort photos instead.


shinshu life said...

very blah sounding. :( Hopefully a day of rest will sort it out! And some wine and Duran Duran maybe?

Rachel said...

Nope! No wine. The last wine & Duran Duran session resulted in a murderous migraine. I have to get better first! I only like drinking when I'm happy already, probably a good thing!