Monday, April 28, 2008

Shopping for a Southpaw

I know it's only just begun. I guess I should start looking for left-handed scissors now. I know from growing up with two left-handers just how set-up for right-handers the world is.

I just did a spot of baby shopping, and stopped by the food utensils section to see if I could find a soft, short rubber spoon that I could give to Erica to wield about like a light sabre without choking herself while I try to feed her, and there was quite a selection - almost all of them curved the right. Perfect for plain old right-handed babies, not so useful for out little Southpaw.

I got the ONE that had no curve. None were curved to left, needless to say.


Carole Seawert said...
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Carole Seawert said...


The link I just left for left handed toddler spoons was too long and it ran off the edge, so here goes again.

Carole from

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

That's interesting, I didn't (put that down to plain ol' old age) know babies showed a preference for left/right handedness at such a young age...mind you my 'baby' is 11 so no wonder I can't remember! I've been trying to find a nice pic to send of Jaimie but of course it has to be 'pre-approved' by her first so will do so soon. I think J is embarrased as she said when she saw your Dd....'that looks like me, only prettier!" You really do have gorgeous kids.

Rachel said...

Thank you Carole! I love your profile pic! I think I'll be using that website a's a load off my mind, as a friend with a leftie kid just told me it's hell trying to find leftie scissors. I though I had better start now so I can find them by the time she needs them for kindy!

Rachel said...

That's Fiona again right? Yes, it's perfectly obvious right from the start, even in the first month of her life, while my left-handed mother was still in Japan, we noticed it. If you're right-handed and your baby is right-handed though, you probably don't take any special notice of it.

Amy's still waiting for her doppelganger!