Wednesday, May 26, 2010



Today is now my favorite day of the week, as I have NO classes, and the girls cook dinner! I got that idea off an AFWJ friend who taught her kids to cook once a week. It's a great idea! So far we've done spaghetti bolognese - that was the first dish they did, it's one of their absolute favorite foods, they practically shouted it out as their first choice!

Last week we did niku-jaga, a potato and beef stew with soy sauce flavoring, and today it's shio-saba, (salted grilled mackerel) with miso soup with potato and tofu, broccoli with mayonnaise and fresh corn on the cob with butter and salt.

That is, if I can convince them to stay quietly at home and not go play with their friends, and invite their friends over here, as Wednesday is also the day they get home relatively early from school. They just exploded through the door and it's already 4:02.

One week I just cooked something else, as they were busy playing with their friends, and they were so upset! Because they are in charge of the menu, they really look forward to it, as the day when they get to eat their old favorites.

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gaijinwife said...

Thats a great idea. I think I might stagger it so I get three nights a week of children cooking and one night from hub. Hmmmm, now I only have to wait about eight years...