Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catch Up

A friend posted a photo on facebook yesterday of her with her kids, who are now teenagers. She was saying how great it was when they are small! In the photo, they are about the age of Amy and Lena now. Comments from other friends included how easy it was to control them and keep them safe at that age.

I've always paid heed to comments like this, to enjoy what I have NOW not lament the downside, then be stuck in the future feeling nostalgic and regretting that you were too stupid to enjoy it at the time. I kept this in mind from when Amy was a baby, when people said that the time when their babies were small was the best time in their life.

It's a little more difficult with Amy and Lena, because I don't have the benefit of hindsight, but I keep friends' comments like the above in mind. It's easier with Erica because I can know how quickly they grow up!

I'll do separate entries for each of them, I think.

Me, I'm working at OIT and doing two classes for Keio. I'm saving up my money for a trip to NZ in December, and have several other short breaks planned between then and now, so as always, I'm getting around. I still love travelling, love getting my life compartmentalized into a suitcase(or six) and taking off somewhere.

I'm editing the AFWJ Journal and really enjoying it. I've done three now, and I'm getting into a rhythm with them, knowing how much work I have to do, and scheduling myself to get it all done, without the house looking too much like a bomb hit it in the days before deadline!

Kanji is working at the self-service stand nearby, coming home to look after Erica on Thursdays and Fridays when I work. She loves him, and it's good for them to spend the time together, even if he resorts to putting the TV on too often! However, he does that because she spends 90% of her time ON him in some physical capacity, demanding to be balanced, tickled, flipped or thrown in some way.

He hasn't had any gigs lately with his band, I'm not sure if there's a band per se at the moment, everyone has several projects on. He is doing a radio show on Sunday nights at 9pm, you can listen online, noas fm.

I'll post this now and then post the kids' ones in a few days, after I've had time to add everything!

They are compliant

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