Monday, October 25, 2010

Eggceptional Week

Well, I got my eggs from Jo - four trays, and I gave one to Baachan and Jiichan of course, which still left 3 trays of eggs for us to eat!

I started out with omelets for lunch that very day, and happily served them up to Kanji and Erica after marvelling at the YELLOW color of the free-range eggs.

Lunch the next day was fried eggs on toast, then scrambled eggs on Saturday. Saturday night I used the eggs to crumb chicken nuggets, then made everyone an omelet. Sunday I made mashed egg for sandwiches. Today I've made a quiche, and I have some spinach to make an souffle tomorrow night. After that, I might actually run out of eggs!


Clare Maree said...

What about using them to bake a cake? A friend who keeps chooks in her backyard swears by the fresh eggs for baking. (Hi! De-lurking here.)

Rachel said...

I was going to write: "And I haven't even made custard or pav yet!"

I'm on a diet, and the problem with cakes is, you gotta eat them.

I am planning on baking one this weekend though for my Halloween party

Jo Tomooka said...

If you run out there are plenty more where they came from!
I did a whole lot of baking over the weekend thinking I would use up some eggs but only one of the recipes actually used any eggs -and that was only one!
Hope the party goes well. Sorry we will miss it.

象さん said...

Lemon curd-uses heapsa eggs, surprisingly.

象さん said...

oh and pickling them is great for salads and dips