Friday, October 08, 2010

Pinch Hitter

I have met about 217 people in the last two days. Around 100 5th graders, 31 6th graders, and 86 university students! And before you bother asking, No, I cannot remember their names, although, surprisingly, several stand out in my memory, names attached - and I know I will never forget them!

I've been called a Pinch Hitter 3 times in the last few weeks, so I guess that must be the latest Japanese katakana word for 'substitute teacher' and I'm guessing it comes from baseball (correct me if I'm wrong lurker Emily!!!)

I'm filling in between teachers again, a nice 5-6 weeks of extra classes that reminds me both of how much I can achieve in one day, and the downside of working full-time - laudry piling up, short-tempered with the kids, no time for hobbies, weekends spent cleaning etc!

The oddest thing is that while I am working tomorrow, it's only 3 juku lessons, so it feels almost like a holiday! I think it's funny how normally it would FEEL like 'Oh my god I am working on a Saturday', but now, after 217 students in 2 days, it feels like a day off in comparison!


Nakamuras on Saipan said...

HOLY COW...that's a lot of students...!! sheesh, I'd go nuts! Yeah, I can imagine how things are piling up!! I've been there a few times in my life so I know how you must be feeling!!

gaijinwife said...

shit you crazy woman - taking on too much work. Extra ping for purchases in NZ though :D
My verification word is grouchs - more than one grouch? you? and me? fits me on my end :)

Rachel said...

What, coming from you Ms. Major-translation-a-week-before-I-go-to-NZ!!

And yes, all the extra work turns me into a grouch when I have just a few more lines to finish and each kid in turn interrupts with something of MAJOR importance like Mummy look, a ball.

shinshu life said...

wow. just wow. And running a family and three kids and.. and... and... While I know the expression pinch hitter when I think about it I thought this post was going to be about Erica going through a rough patch and pinching and hitting her sisters. *^_^* Apologies to Erica!

Rachel said...

oh, that made me giggle! That's just par for the course, or rather the older two do it to each other, Erica doesn't pinch or hit much at all actually.