Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fabulous Pumpkin Soup

I made a DELICIOUS pumpkin soup the other day, and I didn't follow a recipe, so I can't duplicate it unless I hurry up and write it down! Here's what I think I did...

Fried 2 medium onions with a couple of cloves of garlic and a packet of bacon chopped up, in a large hunk of butter, maybe 50g. It was lots of butter, I just chucked the rest of the packet in!

Added water, with 3 NZ OXO chicken stock cubes. I think that's important, as while I do like to make my own stock if possible, I always have success with the OXO cubes!

Three small pumpkins. I mean baseball-size. They were selling them last year around Halloween and I bought them, thinking I would do something fancy like cut the top off and serve pumpkin soup in them, but I never got round to it. Being a gourd, they kept well in the fridge, and were fine when I cut them up!

Three carrots. I was going by the 'use what you have' system, rather than going shopping, so I did not go out and buy more pumpkins, I just added three carrots. They're orange!

One daikon (white radish). A rather small, pitiful fellow, quite shrivelled, possibly harvested last winter, and given to me by MIL, on one of her 'here take all my food' binges.

Cook, cook, cook, then fish out the lumpy bits and blend them. I have no seal in my blender. It was not pretty. Orange rice cooker, orange bench... yummy soup!

Final important detail: added 2 teaspoons of curry powder at the end.

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