Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I blog, therefore I am.

I am just reminding myself that I still exist.

Of course I have LOADS to catch up on, a whole trip to NZ, Disneyland, a missing camera, a fantastic stay at the beach, getting caught in snow, Christmas and New Year, loads of shopping, hot pools, lakes and rivers, the wonders of the iphone, a fab weekend in Miyazaki, I'm sure there's more.

But for now, it's the quiet end to a busy day.

The kids are having their piano lesson. It's 9:06pm but no Japanese person would be surprised at the time. Oh well, teacher got a new day job, has to do overtime every day, but we like her so much we decided to switch to having dinner and baths first, and the lesson from 8pm. Before, the lesson was at 6pm, but it was after 9 by the time everyone was ready for bed anyway.

At this rate (yawn) I think I'll be joining them! The 6:30am alarm KILLED me this morning.

No kids all day, at school at kindy, and I was busy finished four proofreading jobs. Starting on the Journal tomorrow. I'm late starting that, and it's a biggie! I foresee some late nights...


illahee said...

i have missed your posts, so i do hope you find time to catch up!

Gaijin Wife said...

You're back!! online anyway. Need to catch up sometime in near future.