Monday, July 18, 2011

No Typhoon's gonna ruin THIS party!

Typhoon No. 6 was threatening to blow the party away, but we all decided to persist, and go ahead - having lived through dozens on non-event 'super' typhoons, you get used to them blowing over!

So off to Nao's party we went! I love this photo because for once, none of my kids are posing:

The Birthday Girl and her fabulous fairy princess castle cake:


Clockwise from top left: Amy playing with one of the baby guests; Lena and Kaya posing for Amy; Erica in her favorite hiding place behind the sofa with Hiro and Tommy; Ken helping himself to cake; Erica in the pool; Nao, Hiro, Lena and Erica in the pool; the kids all eating cake; cute pic of Sasha and Nao, and in the centre a gorgeous photo of Sasha and Nao taken by Amy.

And finally, the inevtiable effect of a dozen or so children inside...



illahee said...

please please send me some pictures!! esp. those of sasha and nao. thanks!

love the second video. so me. 'tommy, stop shrieking. this is a no shrieking room. i'm not kidding.' *sigh* what a mom i am....

Rachel said...

Your comments make the video! You're so calm. I would have been SCREAMING at them to STOP SCREAMING!!