Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One a Day?

Perhaps if I diligently blog once a day, I'll catch up with the backlog over the summer vacation! Well I can only try.

I'm home alone with Erica, who is hunting candy in the kitchen, I believe. Amy and Lena took off with their Dad to go out for lunch three and a half hours ago. They had better come back soon, or my students tonight will be obliged to pretend they think Erica is adorable and not a pest.

It's been one of those red-tape bureaucracy catch-up days when you seriously consider becoming a hunter/gatherer just to escape the paperwork. I really do appreciate a) getting paid b) shiny hospitals that fix you up and c) fast, air conditioned road travel but boy do I hate the messing around with money and signatures and proving my existence and worthiness that you need to do to avail yourself of it all!

All this and keeping track of everyone's movements is a mammoth task in the summer holidays. This is what my diary looks like, color-coded to track all family members' movements:

Red for work, blue for Erica's kindies, black for Amy and Lena's summer lessons, purple for extras and pencil is well, just penciled in!

Note the nasty red slashes on today's entry... that would be the college I teach at. I was under the impression that my lessons today were in the afternoon, not the morning, due to the class name being written in the afternoon slot on the schedule. Until they called to tell me, no, they were in the morning. Luckily the two ladies I had schedule for a lesson this morning were very busy today and only too happy to cancel.

And note the big fat nothing on Saturday. It will be just me and Erica, as Amy and Lena are going to Maia's for the weekend. I think I'll take her to the pool, then out for ice cream, and to a park or something. With her surgery coming up, she needs a few special outings to make up for the two full weeks she'll be stuck on the sofa recovering.

In other news, I met Colin at Gion on Sunday night, and stopped for a chat, and met his family. Cute kids. Update on Mal, who I haven't seen or heard from in a decade. And he told me that BOX of my stuff turned up at his place in Melbourne after all this time. Well. Interesting to know it still exists! C. even suggested he would pay to send it to me, (though I told to send it C.O.D.) as he felt guilty having not got around to sending it for, oh, ten years! Still, not expecting to see it anytime soon, I guess he has to get back to Melbs to send it.

Wondering if the box will join the 'found' list or stay in the 'lost' list?

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