Friday, March 15, 2013

March Madness

Drive Erica to her after-kindy kindy for extra English lessons, then take Lena to dance class. Drop her off, and drive straight back to kindy to pick Erica up, drive her to karate, drop her off, turn around and drive back to Nakatsu to pick Lena up from her dance lesson. Drive back to karate to pick up Erica.

This, people, is soccer-momdom.

And this was before I foolishly added a class that starts right when Lena's dance lesson finishes. I am on the phone today attempting to remedy that situation, and shift the class to a Monday.

Plus more karate on Monday, more English on Tuesday, swimming and piano on Wednesday, Amy's junior high school club (probably several nights a week for 1-2 hours after school), and maybe cram school classes for Lena and Amy!

Oh, and literally one week after K and I decided I would need to go back on his insurance (you can share the cost if one partner earns under a certain amount) I was offered FIVE new jobs in the space of a few weeks. Madness. That includes extra hours at my present school, a new private lesson, a kindy lesson which I could not accept, a lesson in the next town over that I used to teach before Erica was born, and taking over from a friend at a business, also in the next town over.

The March Madness is trying to make it all fit, mesh it with K's schedule, slot in the 2 graduation and entrance ceremonies, and wonder if I'll banging my head against a wall with the madness of it all in 3 months' time.


Jo Tomooka said...

Good luck with trying to keep track of who needs to be where and when.... life was so easy when they were all still in pushchairs!

Rachel said...

I know! And we thought it was so hard. I suppose you have to do more for them physically when they are young, but there is something to be said for being in total control of them and being home every night!

Meanwhile ANOTHER job offer came!

(why do I have to do the robot password thing on my own blog?)