Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Day Before

The day before the BIG day, which has two graduations and a birthday and me running around trying to make sure each child gets her fair share of praise and attention on 'her' important day, balancing out the two events with cooking a birthday feast and fitting four hair appointments in there somewhere.

I do NOT need these extra complications:

- Graduation suit a bit tight. I'm already planning what to do if the zipper busts (walk around with husband behind me).
- Doing the speech for the kindy grad, in Japanese and English. Well I shall follow my own advice and keep it very short!
- Erica getting really sick. She's had a high fever and tummy ache since last night, and the hospital couldn't really figure out what was wrong with her so they gave us a bit of everything - antibiotics, anti-nausea medication, some other tummy med, plus fever meds and our usual asthma meds. Just hoping all these will at least render her fit enough stand tomorrow!


shinshu life said...

ooooo golly!

What an inauspicious start to the big day!

Is it one of the graduates who is also having a bday or are all three of your girls involved in tomorrow's excitement? Either way iyt sounds like a day to remember! Fingers crossed for a healthy Erika and all going smoothly!

Jo Tomooka said...

Hope it all goes well.... I've gone for stretchy skirts lately - it means I don't have to worry about zips and flab!

Rachel said...

No.1 graduating elementary school, No.2's birthday, and No.3's kindy graduation!

Jo, as well as a zip, the skirt DOES have elastic panels! I have stretched them to the max.

Dipti coming over right now to watch Erica who has a high fever still despite meds, and is complaining of a sore tummy again. I think I'll be taking her back to the hospital, hmm, before or after I cook the lasagna for Lena's birthday dinner? Oh what a day!