Thursday, October 02, 2008

Baby Signs

Okay, it's not terribly impressive, yet, but believe me, she really is exhibiting a baby sign here, the sign for 'dog', which is panting. Her version is either poking out her tongue, or opening her mouth and breathing loud, she can't coordinate the two yet! But she does it consistently and appropriately, when she sees a picture of a dog, or a real one, or this one that she saw on TV.

Family in NZ will remember her sign for 'bath', which she still does whenever I take her clothes off, and once also as she peered into the toilet. Clearly it means more to her than it does to us! Now we have some posters in the bathroom, ABC and hiragana with pictures, but I'm using them to teach her signs. She LOVES it, and kind of gets carried away and just starts flapping her arms around and squeezing her fists together.

NZ family will recall her fist-squeezing sign, which I couldn't assign a meaning to. I think she was just doing that cos she could! Another one she does is flap her wings for duck, especially while watching Captain Feathersword. She wrinkles her nose up for 'flower' and pats her face for 'cat' (supposed to be fingers drawing wrinkles).

Oh, and she waves 'bye bye', which, of course, is where this all began. We took a rest for a month after she hurt her hand, and now we're just getting back into it all. I don't really believe all the hype about it increasing intelligence, or bonding or anything, but it's fun, and fascinating to see what she notices and the associations she makes, like 'bath' while looking in the toilet!

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Smart Baby Sign Language said...

I love it that she signs bath when she looks in the toilet! Hilarious! This is unrelated to sign language, but my dachshund used to start trying to swim if you held her over water, like the toilet.

I sign with my daughter and it is amazing the associations they make and are able to communicate. Keep telling her smart daughter's stories.