Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Swimming

No cute photos yet, but she looks just as adorable as you'd expect in her little regulation club togs. No swimming nappies - nobody cares that much about baby wee, and there's only half a dozen babies in the pool all day, either that or the toxic levels of pool chemicals takes care of it all.

She was so excited and intrigued when she stepped through the door and saw the pool! As always in Japan, we had to shower first. Then we sat on the edge and kicked and splashed. We got in and I held her in my arms and pulled her through the water. She was in heaven, she loved it.

We moved in a circle with the other babies going back swinging the baby from side to side, facing the front, then the back. We threw them in the air, and blew bubbles, which she found the most fun. We practiced catching them and holding on to the edges, then we did our 'widths' - the width of two lanes.

She starts sitting on the edge, I count to three and 'catch' her (or pull her in!) and we do a length then go back and do it again. The whole thing finished off with playtime, with the babies sitting or standing on plastic boxes placed in the water.

Photos next time!

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