Monday, October 20, 2008


Say that three times and a gold-spinning leprechaun will appear. It's the name of a local street festival, two days of crafts, flea markets and festival food in a street near our house. I go and pick up cheap Hello Kitties and kimonos to sell in NZ. I spend FAR TOO MUCH money on the festival food and drinks. There were performances, including Kagura - dancing devils who steal naughty children. And Lena danced with her school class.

Lena and the 'Mejiron' dance, which every kid in Oita prefecture knows by now, as it's the theme song for the national sports contest being held here this month.

Another dance with hats.

And the demon. Erica didn't seem too worried, even when a kid near her got taken. Later on, another demon picked up Erica and gave her a whirl. She made a lot more noise than this kid did! She was very happy to get back to her Mummy, but it didn't stop her from wandering out of the crowd to dance near the demon again afterwards.

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Anonymous said...

She is absolutely adorable!!! She was really getting into the beat of it all.. does mummy dance with her at home?