Friday, December 26, 2008


There's a turkey bone soup stock bubbling on the stove, enough turkey for at least ten more turkey sandwiches in the fridge, and even leftover pav and trifle. Christmas is not quite over, the kids didn't get their Mummy a present, but we're going out shopping now so they can buy me one! Amy apparently knows what I want.

Loot list! I have lots of photos to upload of course, but before I forget, I will list the pressies.

Kanji - For his birthday the kids got him a gundum figurine each, I got him guitar picks. For Christmas he got a calendar from me and gloves from the kids, and a beautiful Parker pen from Mum (my Mother)

Me - a portable DVD player from Kanji, though I think it's as much for him as well, so he can watch TV and put the Wiggles on for Erica. A scarf from my boss, luggage tags (nicer than that sounds) from Mum and a new beaded Christmas angel for my tree. Earrings and a Kiwi phone accessory and chocolate from my Bec and Jo, more chocolate from Chris and Deb, and finally, just now, a phone accessory from Amy and Lena and Erica.

We had a Santa visit on Christmas Eve and delivery a Polar Express DVD, and hair accessories for all three girls, and stone chocolate for Amy and Lena. Kanji gave them all clothes - a jacket each and a top.

On Christmas morning Amy and Lena got the same thing in their sacks - a calendar, a book, a dress, an apron, and doll's house furniture. In their stocking were diaries, a pencil set, huge eraser, blow-up snowman ball, bubble-bath body-paint, a snow globe, sticky tape gum, a snowman pencil, new chopsticks, chopsticks case and pencil, tissues and tissue cover for school, and 5 candy canes.

Erica got an elephant bath toy, stacking blocks, screwdriver set, toy car, gasoline stand, 2 books, a skirt and top. In her stocking were picture blocks, baby chopsticks, a white animal castanet, a snow globe and 2 candy canes.

From their siblings Amy got a beads art set, Lena got a robot dog, Erica got a mini magna-doodle and a toy shopping scanner. From Grandma Amy got some Littlest Pets and Lena got mini My Little Ponies. From the Gastauers Amy got Clickits, Lena got a unicorn in a bag, and Erica got a wooden teddy bear. From the Tomooka's they got a maze book.

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