Saturday, December 13, 2008

She Speaks!

Here's a list of Erica's growing vocabulary!

BA - bye bye

BA - bath

BA - ball

BA - boobies

and one Japanese word

BA = 'boo'


gaijinwife said...

Yay. Her and Marina will be having a great time when we get back. Marina's main one is MA, which is looking hopeful for her saying MAMA before she says BABA.

illahee said...

hahaha, i remember that.

tommy does 'ba', too. it means 'ball' or '(christmas) tree' or 'dog'.

but he also says car 'ca' and whenever we see christmas lights he says 'ooooohhhh'. very cute!

Rachel said...

Oh, I forgot 'ba' meaning Baachan! Yes, the battle of 'mama' vs 'baba'! Not a worry this time as Erica hardly sees Baachan, but it was with Amy.

illahee, you had me laughing out loud - 'ba' means 'christmas tree'! Ahh, what a mother understands!

illahee said...

ah well you know, he's got the point down pat, too! lol

thefukases said...

Ha ha. We lost the mama vs baba thing here when obaachan (who has NEVER been called baba) heard Meg say baba and was convinced beyond reasoning with that she had said baba for obaachan. She lives 700km away and we see her a few times a year but obaachan was one happy woman!