Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blog Day

It's snowing. Perfect weather to sit in front of the computer all day and update the blog! Amy and Lena went to stay at Maia's house last night. Lena has been waiting and wishing and wanting to go there for ages, so she was out of her mind happy last night when Maia's Mum said "Yes!". Amy went too, not wanting to feel left out. They promised not to fight and god I hope they didn't!!! Actually they haven't been fighting as much lately, they've been trying really hard.

Erica is sitting at the window watching the snow. She'd love to go out and play, but it's just icy/watery snow, quickly melting. It doesn't seem worth the effort to pile on hats and coats and scarfs and gloves just to get wet and cold and come back inside after five minutes.

I'm going to blog about her baby signs, and Amy's Kitchen and the Big Red Car. And her and Lena's box house, and how they're doing at school. I also have to check flights, and back-up my files now that I've got my CD writer working. Busy screen day, I'll have a headache by the time it's over.


Anonymous said...

Did you get any snow where you are? It kept trying trying but NO SNOW... I think we may get some as it gets colder here... around Feb/March... funny about Japan.. it stays cold till April...

Rachel said...

A little flurry that day, and a bit more last night, so this morning we woke up to a pretty white world. It was very thin though and melted almost immediately. So, sigh, still no snowman for the kids, who were hoping they'd get the day off school