Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cute Stuff

The cheeky grin is because she KNOWS she has tofu in her hair. She put it there.

Amy and Lena with best friend Maia


No prizes for guessing what's in the box:

Proof my kids brush their teeth.

Aren't baby giggles the best sound?

White Christmas:

My baby got the moves, she can groove. Sugar power.


Anonymous said...

This is adorable Rachel!!!!! CUTE!!! Hope you are well!

Lulu said...

Loved all the cute piccies and vids- Erica is not so much a baby anymore but a real little toddler. It is lovely to see how much she loves her sisters (and how much they love her!)

How is her hand now? I hope it is healing well.

Great pic of you & your hubby! So cute!

Rachel said...

Thanks for enduring my oyabaka moments. This blog is a kind of diary and letter home, so I have to put in the cute stuff too!

The hand is healed, but badly scarred and will need several grafts as she grows up. Good news though, is that we got a great new doctor who we trust, so we feel a lot better about it now.