Monday, January 19, 2009

Sankanbi Again

Just got back from the monthly observation class. Amy's class were doing an interesting activity with tape on the floor dividing the room into four quadrants, and the kids went to a different one depending on their answers to a question. Just simple stuff, like do you prefer udon noodles or ramen noodles.

Lena's class were doing Reading Comprehension - a little story about a fox and a bear and a rabbit, which was apt, because the whole reason she wanted me to come, and the reason in the end that I went, was to see a book in her classroom that has a rabbit in it called Rachel (above, the rabbit and my name in Katakana)

For both of them, half the fun is having baby sister Erica come in and disrupt the class! Here she is, sitting at Lena's desk. The kids literally poking her, are saying 'It's a baby! It's a baby!'

Leaving the school grounds, Amy and Lena take on the 'one, two, wheeeeee' job of flying baby through the air. Advantages of having more than 2 kids - you get to stand back and watch! And a rare half-decent photo of us.

On the way home, Amy's feet started hurting, so Daddy indulged her. We don't know if it's just growing pains, or too-small shoes, or if she's injured herself, but sometimes she just gets really sore feet. Lena was happy because it meant she got to hold Lena the whole time.

Erica loves her big sisters of course. Here she is, running towards Lena, who comes to save her from her fall, but Erica just keeps going! She's wearing mittens with squeakies on the palm, so she had padding on her hands.

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