Friday, January 23, 2009

Mysteries of Babies, no 42,693

Why do they think their HAIR is the appropriate place to put unwanted food? Bye Bye soup and bread. It was nice. I ate the leftovers. Meanwhile the older girls decided to make themselves some dessert/afternoon tea. They made me one too. Here it is, a banana 'split' with honey and crumbled chocolate cookies. I think they want me to stay fat. Fat Mum = lots of dessert and trips to McDonald's. Skinny Mum = salad and lots of grilled fish. YOU figure it out! And now for two totally superfluous vids, Erica riding her rocking horse with great skill. Watch closely, I can't figure out why she suddenly became so intrigued by her sock, but maybe the horse ran her foot over? In this vid, she's supposed to be saying cute things. Oh well, failure is cute too when you're one.


Girl Japan said...

hah This is adorable!!! Is that banana on her cute face? Also I am so happy you found a Dr that is not only proficient but more of a patience comes first type of dr... you must feel a world better..

Rachel said...

No, it's not banana, it's vegetable soup and mushed up bread...I don't know which is worse squished into her hair...