Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Okay so I'm the slack one, no dirty weekend update yet, oh wait a minute, I think I beat Jo...nup left this in the drafts too long!

Anyway, it's all been said, so please go read kuri, gaijinwife and illahee's blog, follow gaijinwife up to Canal City, then illahee from the ice cream right up to the foot scrub and hand massage, through to Starbucks for breakfast.

Some highlights from me, as they come to me:

Boston. More than a Feeling. Utterly murdered by me. Well, at least when you start karaoke REALLY BADLY it makes everyone else feel better - you couldn't fail to follow that sad and sorry performance and feel like anything less than the next American Idol.

Those bread stick thingies at the Djobi Djoba. And the olives. And the Belorussian waiter/model.

The utter impossibility of fitting another body in that unit bathroom for a foot soak. But Christine was WORKING so that was okay.

Sleeping babies are such angels!

Subway. A sorry disappointment eaten on the train the next day.

Delicious dessert combined with a disturbing realizing that I had watched enough WWF pro wrestling in my late teens to be instantly and irreversibly reminded of Stone Cold Steve Austin when we went to the ColdStone ice cream store! (We are SOO going back there!)

Three visits to Starbucks and not once did I remember that I have a free drink ticket!

Did I stop talking? I don't recall...I don't think so...

Hoping I didn't say too much beer-addled bullshit in the presence of sober, hard-working folk.

Think the pizza would probably have been quite nice had I eaten some. Why don't I eat when drinking?

(Did I remember to pay everyone?)

So sad all the bookstores are gutted. They have mostly design books, Japan themed books and paperbacks left. Maruzen still rocks!

Thinking me and illahee and kuri should do a Lady Gaga/ABBA skit at the next convention. But only after three bottles of champagne. And a glass or two for them too I suppose.

Did Jo get drunk? Or was I just too pissed to notice?

I think Katy takes a very fine picture for a tipsy chick.

The 11pm curfew for kids was a VERY good idea as I would not have got to the onsen otherwise. Maybe I need a curfew too...

I've never had a trip to Fukuoka go that fast before! I wish I always had one of you in the car to chat to on long trips! Anyone want to go to Miyazaki with me at Golden Week?

Changing Platform - my first sighting of this unique Japanese device. A fold-down platform, about half a metre square, a few inches off the floor, in the big wheelchair toilet, for people to use to get changed. So they can step out of their shoes onto the clean platform and not dirty their clothes on their shoes or their feet on the floor.

LOVED Zara - did not love the prices. With three girls I have to instantly triple the price of any cute thing I see! Might go back for Christmas.

I regret not getting the Green Car (first class train carriage). It would have saved me getting a nasty grease stain on my white jacket that I got while trying to wrestle my bag through the compartment to the one empty seat and over to the window seat when half way home after my feet got too sore to stand standing any longer!

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