Monday, February 15, 2010


Stuff kids do...
She thought she looked so hot, ready for a day's hike, with her hat and her bag (and the flap of her pyjamas hanging down...)

My little actress, who just saw a VERY frightful sight...

Her big sister. This is what a tween does with a blue M&M

And this work of art is a representation of fireworks built out of deep fried lotus root slices. By Lena.

A lovely meal by Amy, deep-fried oyster (1), with PLENTY of lemon, tomato sauce and mayonnaise!

Sausage. No, I mean it, there is one in her hand. She was just too tired to finish eating it!


anchan said...

Awesome pictures - can't decide which is my favourite!

Rachel said...

hmmm, me too, though I leaning towards the sleeping one for the sheer cuteness factor!

Lulu said...

I ahve to say I think the sleeping one is the best picture- just because she actually fell asleep mid snack! So cute!!!

But I also like m&m lips! Blue is hot! hehehe

Gaijin Wife said...

Oh Erica- the first and last pics. Classic. Priceless.

Thanks for great morning and playtime /trash your house and lunchtime. Awesome chicken pie. Need recipe please.