Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Party

Here we go again, the annual excuse to eat FAAAAAR to many sweet things.

Valentine's Day is about love, though men in Japan do their best to ignore it and hope it will just quietly go away. So we make a big deal of it, and require Daddy's presence at our specially prepared feast.

We had curry, to attract him home for the party, and deep fried camembert for starters, which we ate while watching the girls' concert. They'd had this concert planned for ages, and on several occasions it just got to late to perform it. Consequently, they had loads of time to practice, and it was one of the best they've ever done! And Amy and Lena knew exactly how to manipulate Erica's tastes and habits to induce her to perform too!


A slice with chocolate biscuit base, caramel sauce and apricots and walnuts on top, with squidges of white chocolate

Chocolate crackles, improved. Chocolate crackle on the bottom, white crackle on the top (with crushed cornflakes) topped with M&Ms, topped with piped white chocolate.

The girls' contribution. Chocolate melted with butter, raisins, marshmallow and nuts, on graham cracker and decorated. Same chocolate below in a ramekin.


anchan said...

Yum - can you say sugar high?! Can't believe how alike Amy and Lena are looking!

Rachel said...

Yum indeed and FAT! I did give a whole lot of it away yesterday, and froze some of the rest, so there are only a few tempting choccie treats in my fridge. I find I can only eat one piece of the caramel slice, it's too sweet even for me! But I can keep munching on the crackle to a dangerous extent!