Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amy's 10th Birthday

Wednesday the 14th was a school day, but Amy didn't seem to mind. It was out of the ordinary as it was the first day the new First Grade kids would be walking with the Walking Bus - and now that the two 6th Grade students we had last year have graduated, Amy is the leader.

The previous week she'd told me to make her cake a surprise cake. I made no mention of cake at all when we planned her birthday - her favorite curry and a self-saucing dessert, then roast and trifle on Saturday night, and finally a private shopping expedition with her Mum - and in fact I forgot about cake until the night before! I whipped this up after they all went to bed the night before and hid it behind the dishwasher in the morning, hoping they wouldn't notice the baked-cake scent in the kitchen!

Then I decorated it while she was at school. For her birthday she got a watch from me and Kanji, and her sister got her a new alarm clock, so of course I had to do a clock cake! For a cake whipped up at the last minute - or maybe because it was a cake whipped up at the last minute, so I couldn't 'experiment' - it turned out fabulous, one of the best cakes I've cooked for ages.


Instead of a party this year, Amy took some friends to Joyfull for a parfait party. On the left, Maia and Lena, then Emily, our NZ/Japanese friend from the next next town, then Amy and two school friends, Chisaki and Yuki.

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Gaijin Wife said...

fabulous cake!! Is there room behind the dishwasher??

Can't believe Amy is 10 already. Growing up so fast. The Easter party looks like lots of fun. Must agree on Erica in the big collar dress. Shame that didn't get a good going over with dye :)

I have no idea what your Monday's are like - probably hectic but if on the off chance you will be at home and have time for a cuppa in between hanging out washing and the likes, I will be taking the car for shaken in Nakatsu on the 17th. Will be dropping it off and picking up a daisha at around 10am.