Wednesday, April 21, 2010


If Tuesday was a 3 out of 4 fail mark for kiddie scheduling, Wednesday was a shiny full marks in multi-tasking. How many different things can you do in one day?

Got up at 6:30/dishes, tidying/long walk with toddler/prepared 3 stacks of newspapers and magazines for recycling and 3 bundles of cardboard boxes/drove twice to K's work to pick up Erica/wrote half dozen emails soliciting Journal articles/cleared out Erica's small clothes/3 loads of laundry/corrected an essay/one blog entry, one blog photos entry/lunch and put Erica down for a nap/berated A and L into switching summer and winter clothes/supervised the cooking of spag bol by A and L/nagged A and L to do their homework/worked out annual schedule for kindy classes/annual schedule for college classes/class plan for this week's college lesson/created calendar for Journal/showered and washed hair/watched 2 episodes of Star Trek/folded laundry

I *think* that's all. I know it's said that you are more efficient and function better doing one task at a time, but there's something multi-tasking that makes you feel as though you are accomplishing A LOT - which is a good feeling to cultivate when there seems to be just SO much that NEEDS to be done NOW. It's a good way to feel you've made some headway, though so much remains to be done!

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