Friday, April 02, 2010

Trick Art

The Spring Holiday 'doin stuff' extravaganza continues.

We spend the morning chatting to Katy and a very smiley, happy Ryu. All three kids barely took a step inside, they spent almost the whole time playing in the yard, Erica soaking her pants on the still-damp anpanman slide, climbing around the castle and playing on the swings. Lena fell in love with golf. Amy happily is still just young enough to enjoy it all.

We met Kanji in Bungotakada on the way home, and visited the Trick Art museum again. They change the pictures to keep you coming back. A lot of the tricks don't show up until you take a photo, so here they are!

A rare shot of me, as a butterly

Well he is very yummy, though...

Lena grew A LOT after her last birthday!

She managed to escape, but it was a close call

Toddlers, always getting into things! Erica lets the fish out.


Gaijin Wife said...

Wow - and it's so close!! Can't wait till the kids are a bit older to enjoy it properly. So much fun. Love the girls matching outfits for the ballet!!

Rachel said...

Yep, but they won't get it for a few more years yet, and you really need to bring a camera and SHOW them directly after you take the photos. Amy and Lena are old pros now and know exactly how to pose!!

thefukases said...

wow. I love the letting the fish out one. Amazing. You guys have great Spring holidays!