Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ballet Concert

The Kumamoto Ballet

We went to Kumamoto on the weekend to go a ballet concert. Karen, who helped me with the AFWJ Journal, has a four-year old daughter who was dancing. That's her on the left, outside the concert hall before she went in to get changed and made up several hours before the performance. The rest of us went on a little adventure.

She looks like she winking because we did the '1,2,3 - open your eyes!' trick, which works for kids whose eyes are sensitive to the light. My Lena is an old hand at this, but it was her little friend's first attempt, and she opened her mouth too! Amy and Lena didn't seem to have a problem with the light, maybe it's true what they say about lighter eyes being more sensitive to the light.

Totally superfluous shots of my three, above waiting in the theatre lobby - with a 2-year old, of course we waited until the absolute last moment to sit down! Below, outside Karen's house.

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