Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Lena - 8!

Here's my adorable eight-year old on her birthday!

And at her party, with her triple-layer heart-shaped marble cake.

And her nutty sisters, one doing strange things with gum, one doing strange things with a shark-bit-me hat.

More cake (above) and more party food (below) including NEW ZEALAND jelly!

Leapfrog Twister. It got a little more complicated after this!

American pizza. Lena wanted a BIG American-sized pizza for her birthday party

And all her presents: From Mum and Dad, a book, pencil set, a Licca-chan (doll) wardrobe, and a big block of chocolate. From Amy, new shoes, and from Erica, pencils and stickers. She also got a HUGE Hello Kitty head cushion, and a couple of keyrings (to hang off her school bag), from her friends.

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