Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun in Kumamoto

Kumamoto castle
Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossoms at Kumamoto castle are justifiably famous. We aimed for the concert, we had no idea the flowers were at their peak that weekend, and that the best trees were at the castle, and that the castle was right next to the concert hall! What a lovely bonus for us. Above, we had a mini 'hanami', and cherry-blossom viewing party. No beer or sake, just pizza, bentos from the castle and souvenir Kumamoto castle mochi. Along with us was Karen's mother-in-law, and her neighbor's little boy!

They live right next door to a zoo! Not a terribly good one, and we went too late in the day, when the animals were being moved from their concrete cages to their concrete bunkers for the night! These were by far the cutest creatures there. On the right, the Lenas eating breakfast. They skipped the zoo, they were far too busy played ponies!

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