Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Taking the Bull by the Horns

And just writing something!

I`ve been tongue-tied/writer's blocked simply because the entry I want to get done before I catch and up and do all the other ones is one about what Erica's saying and doing recently, only she keeps on adding new things every day, so I can never get a complete list!

That and the time it take to upload photos, and the fact that I'm spending most days fiddling about with the AFWJ Journal. I'm really enjoying that, but it sure takes up time! There's not much cooking or cleaning going on here lately, but I have some great ideas for our club magazine and I hope to spend a full year making the most of it!

And then I guess I'll be in the market for a brand new iMac because I'm in love!

Amy is doing her homework at the kotatsu since her desk is in a pickle.

Lena has forgiven Erica for stealing her chocolate earlier today, and even gave her one of the Tim Tams I gave Lena to make up for the lost chocolate.

Erica is riding Lucky the stuffed dog like it was a horse.

Kanji will be home soon, with food I hope.

I am offf to work in a moment, residents at the hospital. Depending on who turns up for the lesson we will either be talking about arranged marriage, your childhood experiences or Anti-NMDA-receptor encephalities and its connection to ovarian tumors.


shinshu life said...

Wow, what a plateful! I really hope juggling all that isn't going to be overwhelming- delegate, delegate, delegate! (Let me know if you need proof readers).

And the Macs are great aren't they? ;)

Gaijin Wife said...

:) Glad Erica was only riding fluffy the dog like a horse.
Mention of timtams made me realise I had seceret timtam finger stashed in back of fridge. Thanks for reminding me. Just what I need.
Sorry I couldn't catch up for coffee the other day. I wasn't much company at all between the you know what and the translation stuff. Ryu and I off home in a couple of weeks. Let me know if you are over this way again before then.