Sunday, March 28, 2010

A boat ride along the Shira river

We found another nice way to pass the time waiting for the concert to begin, thanks again to the spring festival. Again for free, we were taken for a ride along the Shira river that runs alongside the castle.

Amy fishing for carp with her finger. The boatman warned her they just might bite - but none did, unfortunately (or fortunately - do carp have teeth?).

Lena finding it amusing, me with the boat lanterns - this would be a wonderful ride at night, with a bit of sake...

Karen and her sister Cindy, who arrived from the US the night before.

Erica was fascinated, after she got over her fear when I wobbled the boat getting in.

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jjamprack said...

minWow what a wonderful little holiday.Gosh the girls are all growing up so fast and they are so beautiful just like their Mum.It's Good Friday so everything is very quiet which i enjoy gives me time to smell the roses
Love Mum